Hurricane Matthew Recovery Update #3

One of the new changes we are excited about is the chance to update our signage. Not only will they have a beautiful new look, but they will have a new addition of a QR Code!

What’s a QR Code?

You may have seen them on product packages before, small white squares with a pattern of black blocks inside like the one pictured here. They are used to store information that is readable by a digital device. Most current cell phones are equipped with an application to read the stored information.

Why are we using a QR Code?

One of our most common requests from visitors is MORE INFORMATION! These codes will allow our visitors to use their phones (or other digital devices) to be shown pages and posts on our website that relate to each exhibit!

You can try out using a QR code by trying to scan the image of the code on this page with your phone application.

For more information

Please follow THIS LINK to learn more about QR Codes and how to use them.

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