Hurricane Matthew Recovery Update #5

Good News, Good News, Good News!

The Outer Banks Community Foundation has awarded the museum a grant to help with recovery efforts from Hurricane Matthew! We’d like to believe the record setting hurricane was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but we know that may not be realistic. The funds will make it possible for us to take measures that should reduce damages and decrease recovery time from future storms.

Although we are still early in our recovery process, we have a new appreciation for how critical it is to QUICKLY remove water-damaged items following a flood—it can literally make the difference in saving exhibits. While many of our display cases were built or put in place with concern for security, they were not built with the expectation that the building might some day have three feet of water! Some cases have rollers so we can quickly move them; many do not. Some have panels that make it easy to get to the items inside; many are much more difficult to access. Most cases have glass and many have exterior finishes that are easily damaged by water.

Grant funds will be used to change much of that. As we put exhibits back and build new ones, we will replace glass panels with durable lexion, install heavy duty rollers, change lighting, make new access panels, use water resistant materials, and elevate, elevate, elevate!

Our recovery grant from the Outer Banks Community Foundation will not only help us deal with the damages from Hurricane Matthew, it will help us make the museum stronger for the future! Plan to visit us in the spring so you can help us celebrate our reopening!

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