Hurricane Matthew Recovery Update #9


In past postings about our future Living Village project, we have said that it takes a community to raise a village.

Recently, we have blessed to have a opportunity to see firsthand the true beauty of that statement through our experiences with our own beloved community.

In these recent updates, we’ve shared how much our staff has done with the movement toward to future…

…but we wanted to take the time to shine a special spotlight on how our hearts have been touched by the support we’ve received.

  • Immediately after the storm, we had volunteers helping with debris removal. From the Coast Guard to people on vacation with kind hearts, we could have never started working on remodeling so quickly if it wasn’t for those that assisted in the very beginning.

  • We were also able to get a grant from the Outer Banks Community Foundation to help with some very important repairs, such as those needed to many of our exhibit showcases. Added to that were gracious donations from the Meekins family, Neal Moore, The Point Restaurant, and others that went through GoFundMe.

  • Other outpourings of support, such as from Wes Lassiter and Rhonda Bates of Red Drum Pottery, have made the hardships that some of our staff faced outside of the museum tragedy bearable.

  • We receive countless calls and contacts from community members extending their concern. Though, it was first expressing worry that we might not re-open, they have recently transitioned into conversations of hope that this important part of the community will be restored BETTER THAN EVER, often sharing stories of their visits or experiences from our past PowWows.

    Every week since our phone service has been restored, we receive calls asking when we will be re-opening

    Our current goal is to re-open by mid-April and we plan on celebrating a Free Museum Day to thank our community for their continuing help and support.

    Please Stay Tuned For More Information!

    And once more…

    THANK YOU!!!

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