Hurricane Matthew Recovery Update #23

We got so much accomplished!

In just a few short days, it always amazes us what our beloved group of volunteers are able to accomplish. In the photos below, you can get a peek before you visit our Nature Trail for yourself! The model of the fishing weir has vines that would have held fish from escaping. Our longhouse has a few of the completed woven mats attached. The spirit poles have been touched up and cemented in place and one even has the stain applied! The drying rack for fish is structurally complete.

But the photos don’t tell the whole story!

Our amazing volunteers have a lot of in-progress pieces. Dresses have been started. Moccasins have been constructed. Quahog has been drilled for necklaces. Jewelry has been made. And we’ve even got the start of carved fish to adorn our drying rack!

We’re counting down to days until October!

Similar to last year, we will be holding our Fall Volunteer Days during the last weekend of October 2017. Stay tuned for more details but put the date on your calendar. We can’t wait to see what our volunteers will be able to accomplish then, and we hope you can join them!


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