15 May 2017; Beautiful Gourd Art

Recycle – Remake – Reuse

This is what Emmy Sothoron stresses in her bio when she donated a beautiful selection of her gourd art.

A Native Carolinian, she was raised by a Quaker Grandmother who was gentle, graceful, and strong willed. But farther back in her history, her Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a Quaker Minister who was smitten by a Cherokee beauty. Their “Simplicity of Life” worldview that they shared was their creed.

They understood that Wasting – Using – Destroying could not go on indefinitely.

Our present ecenomy based on obtaining raw materials at suppressed prices from underdeveloped countries is morally wrong. -Carolina Quakers Yearly Meetings 1672 – Present

The art of Emmy, or m.e. as she signs her work, was born out of her grandmother showing her the old, simple ways that were known to work as well as gentle to the earth. Through her love of art and traditional ways, she reminds us that Art is a Verb!

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