Volunteer Days: October 2017

The Village is Closer to Completion!

Over the past few years, a dedicated group of volunteers has been coming to the museum to pour their heart and hard work into this dream. Slowly, we’ve been seeing it come together with the added help of new members to the group we seem to meet at every event.

Mark the October Date!

We still have much to do and can’t wait for you to join us in October to help us get closer to our goal!

What Has Been Done So Far?
  • Most of the framework has been coated in epoxy, carved, stained, AND assembled
  • Spirit poles are cemented in place
  • Fishing weir has vines woven around the poles
  • Regalia has been started
  • Some jewelry has been made
  • Some quahog/wampum has been drilled and polished
  • One section of longhouse has cattail mats
  • Framework for the bed is complete
  • Two cattail mats have been completed and are attached
  • Cordage of natural material has been tied around the joints of the framework and the ends sealed with pitch
  • Brand new signs have been installed

    But we still have so much more to do!


    So we are holding our FOURTH Volunteer Days at the Museum!

    Join us Friday October 27th to Sunday October 30th on the Nature Trail to lend a hand towards the completion of our longhouse!
    Mitch 06.16.003

    The major projects will be:

  • Working on aspects of the framework
  • Finishing Spirit poles
  • Hanging cattail mats previously made by some of our volunteers
  • Pre-colonial regalia
  • Finishing the fishing weir
  • Painting of artificial fish for the drying rack
  • Possible creation of gardens

    Can’t attend but want to help?

    We still need materials and donations!
    Check out our GoFundMe for monetary donations.
    Go to our Museum Fundraiser page for a list of items we need.

    Let Us Know You’re Coming!

    Drop our coordinator an e-mail by filling out the form below to confirm that you’ll be here to lend a hand!

    We hope to see you there!

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