Hurricane Matthew Update #24

Come Visit The Museum!

See all the glorious changes in person!

Though we’ve not posted a hurricane update in some time, we wanted to let you all know that we can’t be happier with the improvements that have been done! There is still work to be done, but we can now comfortably take a look and truly enjoy what has been accomplished with the help of the Outer Banks Community Foundation, Coast Guard members, our tireless long-term volunteers, friends and our team of recovery “experts.”

Before Hurricane Matthew

The museum you all know and love was an amazing display of artifacts from all over the country. Full of a calico style of display cases and presentation; it was put together with passion and limited resources. Many visitors stated that it felt as if the culture was coming up around you to embrace you as you walked through.

After Hurricane Matthew

We are still the same museum, put together with that same degree of passion. Many of our returning visitors have already shared their overwhelming joy, saying that while we have a brand new face inside the galleries, we haven’t lost that earthy feel as they walk through. With updated cases, lighting, and flooring, we were able to bring more attention to the beauty of the artifacts that are showcased. We even found ways to display **MORE** than before and we’ve got another new exhibit in the works!

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