2 October 2017; Large Olla by Miguel Bugarini

This piece is a beautiful example of Mata Ortiz pottery

Mata Ortiz pottery is a recreation of the pre Hispanic pottery found in and around the archaeological site of Paquimé in the Mexican province of Chihuahua. Many pieces by this particular artist, Miguel Bularini, feature the punctated design on the rim.

Ollas are a common design found in Pueblo Nations

These large jars were used to cook soups and stews, for the storage of dry goods, or the carrying of water. In the desert heat, unglazed ollas were also used for a type of irrigation. Without glaze, these pots will slowly seep water kept inside. Full ollas were buried among the crops to allow a steady supply of water while the narrow mouth of the jar prevented quick evaporation of the water inside.

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