27 November 2017; Mask by Jill & Dennis Hendrix

This exquisite piece conveys an impressive degree of realism.

The face is made from clay native to the America’s; it has been designed, sculpted, and painted by Jill Hendrix. The elegant fox fur that is adorning his head is a “pearl fox” that her husband, Dennis, raised on their ranch. It is further accentuated with brass beads, horn pipe, and deer horn.

Both Jill and Dennis have a connection to Native heritage; Dennis has Native ancestry and Jill was adopted into a tribe in the early 90’s. The design was also assisted by an adviser who is Assiniboine Sioux from Montana.

Originating from Upton, Wyoming, Dennis and Jill Hendrix began their shop, Wyoming Silvers, in 1983. While their original style of work consisted mainly of dream catchers, buffalo skulls, and masks, these artists have found a new passion! Still under the name Wyoming Silvers, these talented artisans have created an impressive collection of jewelry and lariat baskets. We encourage you to visit their current site that has been linked below.


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