18 December 2017; Changes Expected for Native Headwear Exhibit

We’ve got HUGE plans for our Native Headwear exhibit!

Though our exhibit on the Native headgear and military involvement has always been a display that has started many wonderful conversations, we decided to make some major changes after being struck by Hurricane Matthew last year. If you’ve visited since our remodel, you’ve hopefully gotten to enjoy the fantastic addition of information about the Code Talkers of WWI and WWII.

But now we’ve got even BIGGER dreams in store!

Warrior culture has always been an important aspect of Native life, which is why this exhibit is such a crucial part of our museum. Until now, we have had focus on the involvement of the Native people in the U.S. Military. It is our plan to expand on our examples of more traditional headgear of tribes across the country.

Because this is such a large undertaking, we are reaching out to the community. The exhibit is in need of many historically accurate representations of the many different styles of headgear. If you are willing to donate or assist in helping us reach our goal, please contact us using the form below!

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