12 February 2018; Enjoy Your Visit? Help Us By Sharing!

Each day, we have the opportunity to meet many wonderful visitors to our museum – from families to couples and spring breakers to lone bikers. One of the things museum staff enjoy most is talking with our visitors and sharing their experiences. Whether we’re answering questions, taking note of suggestions, or just chatting…each visitor is an important addition to the museum!

As those of you who have visited the museum are well aware, we are housed in a historic building that has been expanded over the years. Our exterior can be deceiving. The museum is actually much larger than it looks, and the building is PACKED FULL with a wide variety of Native American artifacts from all over the United States. A gallery is also dedicated to the natives of Hatteras Island. Many first time visitors are shocked and amazed at our collection!

Recently, we were discussing how we wish we could share the many positive and supportive comments that we hear from visitors. It would be splendid if the great things people tell us went beyond our museum walls. Then it occurred to us, WE CAN SHARE! But only with YOUR help!

You can help extend the impact of your visit by taking a few minutes to go to your favorite review site and share your experience! List something special you learned! Post a photo of an exhibit you found particularly interesting! Help others to see what makes us one of your favorite places to visit!

Some of the most common review sites are:
and Facebook

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