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Every Monday we try and feature information from our exhibit items, events, or local history. E-mail us through our Museum Monday Suggestions page for questions or suggestions for future Museum Monday posts!

20 November 2017; Kwakiutl Bumble Bee

This is a Bumble Bee (also called “The Scratcher”) mask from the Kwakiutl people of the Pacific Northwest. Often worn by children during the Potlatch ceremony, the Bee Dancers would provide some comic relief as they buzzed around the participants. Those that were “stung” by the bees would then be […]

13 November 2017; Our October Progress

Thank You To All That Participated! It’s no surprise that all of our wonderful volunteers came together and accomplished so much in just a short weekend. Fish were created, clothing was fitted, baskets were made, signs and palisades were put into place, and so much more. Stories were shared as […]

6 November 2017; Soapstone Pictures

Soapstone is a wonderful medium for carving and is often used to create visages of animals. Because the stone is relatively soft, it ranks 1 out of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Its low density makes it a perfect medium for scratching line designs. The stone must first be […]

30 October 2017; Where to Purchase Yaupon

Yaupon is Made From a Tree That Grows Locally As the cold weather blows in strong enough to howl today, we thought it would be the perfect time to share two lovely places to purchase as well as a recipe that was shared with us! The only indigenous plant with […]

23 October 2017; Please Take Our Event Survey!

Help Us With Our Village Event! Every event is a process, and we’d like YOUR input to help make ours the best it can be! If you keep up with our Museum Mondays, you know from our LAST POST that this Friday will be our Village Day/Volunteer Day event. School […]

Our October Volunteer Day Event is Almost Here!

Come to our Volunteer Days at the end of THIS MONTH! Over the past few years, a dedicated group of volunteers has been coming to the museum to pour their heart and hard work into this dream. Slowly, we’ve been seeing it come together with the added help of new […]

Hurricane Matthew Update #26

As we approach the first year anniversary of Hurricane Matthew… …we are reminded once again of how many people we have to thank for helping us with our recovery efforts. At a time when it would have been easy to see only destruction, friends, family, our glorious team of long-term […]

2 October 2017; Large Olla by Miguel Bugarini

This piece is a beautiful example of Mata Ortiz pottery Mata Ortiz pottery is a recreation of the pre Hispanic pottery found in and around the archaeological site of Paquimé in the Mexican province of Chihuahua. Many pieces by this particular artist, Miguel Bularini, feature the punctated design on the […]

25 September 2017; A Generous Donation!

We recently received a generous donation from a pair of local ladies! Locals Anna Meshejian and April Martino frequently hold yoga classes for fellow locals and visitors alike. Some of these classes have even been held right on the beach! But what a surprise when we found that what they […]

18 September 2017; Code Talker Medals

We still need a few Code Talker Medals to complete our exhibit! If you have ever participated in a Native event, such as our past Powwows, you would have noticed that every event has at least one daily event where members of the military are asked to come forward so […]

11 September 2017; Take A Child Outside Week 2017

We are Participating in “Take A Child Outside Week”! The Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center invites individuals to join them in celebrating the annual “Take a Child Outside Week” September 24-30, 2017​. “We know the importance of physical activity and opportunities to explore and interact with nature,” […]

4 September 2017; Smithsonian Museum Day LIVE!

Some things in life are free . . . On Saturday, September 23, 2017, individuals will have an opportunity to visit the Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center with FREE admission. The museum will participate in the thirteenth annual Museum Day Live! presented by Smithsonian magazine. On Museum […]