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4 December 2017; Huichol Beaded Mask

This glorious mask was made by the Huichol people, …a southern tribe descendant from the Aztecs. Still residing in the coastal Jalisco and Nayarit of Mexico, the Huichol people continue many of their cultural practices. For the Huichol, the art world and the spirit world were one. Each of the […]

27 November 2017; Mask by Jill & Dennis Hendrix

This exquisite piece conveys an impressive degree of realism. The face is made from clay native to the America’s; it has been designed, sculpted, and painted by Jill Hendrix. The elegant fox fur that is adorning his head is a “pearl fox” that her husband, Dennis, raised on their ranch. […]

20 November 2017; Kwakiutl Bumble Bee

This is a Bumble Bee (also called “The Scratcher”) mask from the Kwakiutl people of the Pacific Northwest. Often worn by children during the Potlatch ceremony, the Bee Dancers would provide some comic relief as they buzzed around the participants. Those that were “stung” by the bees would then be […]