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2 October 2017; Large Olla by Miguel Bugarini

This piece is a beautiful example of Mata Ortiz pottery Mata Ortiz pottery is a recreation of the pre Hispanic pottery found in and around the archaeological site of Paquim√© in the Mexican province of Chihuahua. Many pieces by this particular artist, Miguel Bularini, feature the punctated design on the […]

12 June 2016; Ohkay Owingeh Dough Bowl

A beautiful example of Ohkay Owingeh style of pottery Pieces from these people are often in two shapes. A globular shaped storage jar, or a dough bowl like the one pictured below. The bottoms of these dough bowls are often only decorated with slip on the top rim. Formally called […]

26 September 2016; From Clay to Pottery

Clay can be found in a multitude of areas and is often considered a nuisance to gardeners. But how does it go from being in the ground to a clay body, a clay material that is able to be formed into pottery? The first step is digging the clay from […]

25 May 2015 Anasazi Bowl

As discussed in a previous post, the Anasazi people are believed to have thrived around the 12th Century BC. Their earliest pottery had designs in shades of black and white. It was only later in their culture that other colors appeared. These colors were made from slip, a type of […]

20 July 2014; Woven Head Rings

While it looks like a woven doughnut, this ring shaped basket played an important role in the lives of many women in the Southwest. Water was often quite a distance from the home, so the women would have to gather water and materials each day. This was done with large […]